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Story Telling, The Ultimate Dream

Steve Jobs once said: "The most important product in the universe is 'Story Telling', and Disney has the monopoly on it." Then Steve bought Pixar.  Later, when Steve Jobs knew that he would be leaving us, he sold Pixar to Disney and became it's biggest stock holder.  He thought that this was the BEST way to make his DREAM COME TRUE.

Season 1 Series Preview Trailer: Coming Soon!

Angels in Disguise

February 16, 2021: We found Ricky living under a highway bridge in front of the main entrance of University of Houston.  Temperature in Houston well below freezing temperature.  Ricky is an Amazing Artist with a PHD in street Wisdom but without the resources to share his talents with others. VNet promised to help Ricky and other Amazing People share their talents and at the same time afford a place they can call HOME and able to continue doing what they enjoy  MOST.