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VNet 2.0 Intro Video

VNet 2.0 Intro Video

Captain Puerto Rico becomes Captain America.

The Real Story of Borinquen, the Enchanted Island (Puerto Rico) and it's Tainos Natives (Puerto Ricans, Boricuas).

How the first Genocide of thousands of Puerto Rican Tainos in 1493 was hidden from the History Books under the name "Discovery of a New World".

How this small Island in the Caribbean is key to create the Most Powerful and Free Nation in the World.

How Puerto Ricans become part of this Nation and lead in following the US Constitution with Real Freedom, Justice, Prosperity and Equality for ALL.

Season 1 Trailer Video: Available Now

Season 1 Trailer Series Preview: Coming Soon 

Season 1 Episodes:

  1. Captain Puerto Rico is sentenced for the second time to more than 60 days in jail just for trying to protect His Son

  2. Captain Puerto Rico is put in jail for 1 night and one day for calling 911 and requesting medical assistance for his Family

  3. Captain Puerto Rico is reported to Child Protective Service(CPS) as a retaliation for two Doctors reporting to CPS that his Son is in danger and needs protection from his mother.

  4. Captain Puerto Rico leaves Puerto Rico

  5. Captain Puerto Rico arrives in Boston

  6. Captain Puerto Rico arrives in Houston

  7. Captain Puerto Rico discovers University of Houston

  8. Captain Puerto Rico falls in love with UH

  9. Captain Puerto Rico becomes IT Director at UH

  10. Captain Puerto Rico releases VNet

  11. Texas A&M and University of Puerto Rico purchased VNet

  12. Captain Puerto Rico and Captain America return to Puerto Rico? 

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