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This is the story of my Family.  I hope sharing our family story, can help prevent families be destroy by a horrible, not well known psychedelic drug, mescaline (peyote).

We were exposed to an unknown drug to us at the time by the family of my wife from Mexico in 2015. This is the first video of a series, to be able to save my Family from the horrible effects this drug caused on many members of my Family. My Son Christian is the most recent victim. We need help and there are many medical experts that are willing to help but the Court System so far have not allow this. We are a good, hard working family that only needs medical help.


God blessed anyone that can help!

God blessed my Son and his Mother ALWAYS!

Salvador Báez-Franceschi

Please Pray for my Family and share our Story!

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Mescaline: Scientific Research and History

According to Dr. Sasha Shulgin, Mescaline has become the “meter” for psychedelic substances, as it was the first of its kind to be approached scientifically.

But how did a Mexican cactus turn into a chemically pure substance after all?

Berlin 1888: the toxicologist Louis Lewin published his first analysis of a yet unidentified cactus, which he brought with him from North America. Only later did it become clear that this was a specimen of Peyote, which indigenous people have traditionally used and worshipped as a spiritual vehicle. It took until 1897, when Arthur Heffter finally ‘dared’ to test the cactus’ effects on himself, that “Mezcalin”, the main psychoactive ingredient responsible for the “wonderful color-visions”, became chemically isolated (C11H17NO3).

More than twenty years later, the chemist Ernst Späth accomplished the first fully artificial synthesis of Mescaline (Vienna, 1919), which precipitated a veritable research-boom in university clinics all over Germany and in other European countries: under the assumption that Mescaline would work as a psychotic agent that could trigger transitory psychoses, German psychiatrists tried to approach madness systematically. 

German Scientists weaponized Mescaline and developed ways to transfer it to unsuspected individuals.  The most effective way was to mix it with drinks or food. Germans found that mescaline can be transferred by air and also be absorbed by a person's skin.  Only a small amount of less than .3 grams of mescaline is enough to cause confusion, disorientation, fear, and extreme mood changes and make unsuspected victims vulnerable to manipulation.  An unsuspected individual exposed to a very small amount of mescaline can be manipulated to say or believe whatever a person repeats with intensity, no matter how false or irrational the statement could be. The false belief can persist in the victim's brain even after the person is no longer exposed to mescaline.  It is believed that Hitler used mescaline and this type of brainwash manipulation to win support and his party nomination.  Hitler supporters could fill the air of a room with a small concentration of mescaline in gas form, where the unsuspected group of people breathe the contaminated air.  This will make the exposed victims vulnerable to support Hitter agenda, no matter how opposed they could be before entering the room.   Many Germans would not have supported Hitler, but with the help of mescaline, Hitler was able to gain the support of numerous unsuspected key victims that did not know they were exposed to this drug without their knowledge.

During the Second World War, mescaline saw use in the infamous human experimentation programme of the Third Reich. Nazi physician Kurt Plötner forced concentration-camp prisoners to take mescaline to see whether it would serve as a ‘truth serum’ during interrogation. 

Mescaline and other drugs that the German developed during World War I and World War II influenced the atrocities and genocides committed by so many German and Japanese Soldiers during World War II.  After World War II was over, numerous high ranking German and Japanese soldiers either committed suicide or scape to Latin America.  They specifically chose Latin America since they could find supplies of some of these drugs readily available.  This explains the rise of numerous dictators and the subsequent chaos they all caused in this region after World War II.  They continue to use the same drugs and the same Germans develop methods to manipulate and brainwash people to gain power and support from unsuspected victims.

Many of these descendants of these German and Japanese soldiers continued the use of mescaline and other similar drugs to immigrate to the United States using illegal immigration methods.

These Japanese and German descendants of high ranking military officers of World War II, believed that they could repeat what their original ancestors did in Japan and Germany here in the United States.  They continue their sophisticated developed methods of deception and manipulation using mescaline and other drugs.  The United States Democracy, Courts and Governments are very vulnerable to these very sophisticated manipulation and deception methods since not many people in our country are aware of the existence of mescaline and it’s extremely effective brainwashing properties.


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