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For Families that Dream of the BEST WORLD!

These are some of Our Stories about REAL PEOPLE who are working towards making their

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Story Telling, The Ultimate Dream

Steve Jobs once said: "The most important product in the universe is 'Story Telling', and Disney has the monopoly on it." Then Steve bought Pixar.  Later, when Steve Jobs knew that he would be leaving us, he sold Pixar to Disney and became it's biggest stock holder.  He thought that this was the BEST way to make his DREAM COME TRUE.

Season 1 Series Preview Trailer: Coming Soon!

Angels in Disguise

February 16, 2021: We found Ricky living under a highway bridge in front of the main entrance of University of Houston.  Temperature in Houston well below freezing temperature.  Ricky is an Amazing Artist with a PHD in street Wisdom but without the resources to share his talents with others. VNet promised to help Ricky and other Amazing People share their talents and at the same time afford a place they can call HOME and able to continue doing what they enjoy  MOST.


Captain Puerto Rico becomes Captain America

We will tell the TRUE story of Puerto Rico, through our own life experiences.  How Puerto Rico became part of the United States and lead in following its constitution with Real Freedom, Justice, Prosperity and Equality for ALL. We will explore how we intend to make Puerto Rico become the most ADVANCED, RICH, and HAPPY Island in the United States and the Whole World.


Vietnam, the Next Asian Super Power


Explore how Vietnamese will be leading the World in Faith, Freedom, Equality and Economic Development. Explore how Vietnamese American have being able to learn and enrich their culture by assimilating the BEST of the West but retaining the BEST of their Asian origins.

Season 1 Series Trailer Preview: Coming Soon!

Africa the Next Super Continent

Explore how African American, after enduring centuries of oppression and slavery will lead the World in Faith, Freedom, Equality and Economic Development. Wakanda in"The Black Panther" from Disney is based on a preview of what Africa will become.


Season 1 Series Trailer Preview: Coming Soon!

Colombia, The Next Leading Economic and Political Power
in Latin America


Explore Colombian's secrets and unique talents that will make this possible. Explore how Colombians in the United States are using these talents to create a Better America

Season 1 Series Trailer Preview: Coming Soon!

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University of Houston the Next Harvard of the World

Discover how Unique Diverse and Amazing is University of Houston Students, Faculty and Staff. UH is one of the two most diverse and successful universities in the United States and how it will become the Next Harvard of the World.

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